“Slick controls, great writing and a solar-system-wide mystery to unravel – what’s not to love!”

– PC Powerplay 8/10

Ice Caves of Europa

Ice Caves of Europa will challenge your reflexes and your mind, blending free-flowing precision flight with confronting science fiction ideas about the nature of humanity. An inquisitive flying robot exploring the hazardous caves beneath Europa stumbles upon a sinister interplanetary conspiracy.

Available now for PC and Mac on Steam



Updates coming soon.

Conor O'Kane

Conor O'Kane


Io Normal is directed by veteran game developer Conor O’Kane. Conor has been working in game development since 1999 and has contributed to titles on almost every platform from the PlayStation to current consoles and VR devices. Conor has presented at the Unite, PAX and Freeplay conferences in Melbourne and has lectured at RMIT University since 2009. Before founding Io Normal Conor released many free shoot-em-up games including the award-winning Go Beryllium and simulation/serious-game Harpooned.

Io Normal is a Melbourne-based game development studio. The company has released multiple iOS titles and offers contracting services for simulation and VR. Io Normal has received funding assistance from Film Victoria to develop Ice Caves of Europa, a science-fiction adventure game released on Steam on July 10th, 2018.

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